A user is a person who uses a computer or network service. A user often has a user account and is identified by a username. A username on the University of Stellenbosch system gives you access to electronic resources, email and internet.
request-service.jpg ​​​  APPLY FOR THIS SERVICE​

Should you find yourself at the University without a username please consult with your departmental secretary as she will have to complete the process for you.

The steps are as follow: 
1.       The role must be confirmed as the user should already have a US Number assigned to them.  Email HR for role information.​
2.       If the user already has a Role and US Number please proceed to step 3 – if not you will have already received the correct procedure from your communication with HR to have them created.
3.       Follow this LINK to create a username for the new personnel. 
​4.       After the username has been created please log a call for a profile setup on the PC/Laptop they will be using.


request-service.jpg   FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES 

You will receive emails from February each year for reactivation - please respond to them as soon as you receive the first one. If by 31 March the request has not been approved by your costpoint manager, IT cannot assist you in logging on to your computer, reading email, using internet or the HR Systems.The username must be reactivated prior to the cutoff date.

Browse to Stellenbosch University User - Administration system. Log in with your user name and password. Select Reactivate usernames for the relevant year and follow the instructions on the web page.​

Pensioners can reactivate in two ways - online or at the cashiers at Administration A on Stellenbosch campus or at Tygerberg cashiers. 


Sign on at http://my.sun.ac.za  (the staff portal)

Select Staff
Select Pensioners
Select re registration.

Payment is made through a credit card. Applicants fill in their credit card details and SU staff number. 

*  This page will only be available to pensioners. ​

Cashiers at Admin A on Stellenbosch campus or cashiers on Tygerberg campus. 

​Pensioners can do payment at the cashier with receipt type 1107 (networkregistration). SU number will also be required.  

request-service.jpg   OTHER ADD-ONS

No add-ons

request-service.jpg   ​​​SERVICE AND SUPPORT

Service Hours

08H00 - 12H45 and 13H45 - 16H30
One service desk agent on duty during lunch times from 12h45-13h45

Service Support

Help, advice or enquiries with this service can be obtained via 021 808 4367 or send an email to help@sun.ac.za

Service Targets

Delivery Scope

Main Campus, Stellenbosch
Tygerberg Campus​

request-service.jpg ​​​​  COST

The cost of reactivation per year is currently R188-00 for staff and R258-00 for pensioners (if paid at the cashiers).​ If pensioners reactivate online, the cost is R266-00)

General IT Service costs​