​Account locking due to saved passwords


Behaviour of cached (saved) passwords.  Your Microsoft Account will lock within 30seconds after changing your password if the old password remains cached on any other device that is on.
The only way to solve your problem would be to

1.       Find all sources of cached passwords

a.       Cell phones (mail and browsers)

b.      Tablets (mail and browsers)

c.       Windows 7 or 8 PC’s (credential manager, Outlook, and Safecom print queue and browsers)

2.       On windows 7/8 go to credential manager and wipe all saved passwords or on a MacBook remove all relevant student passwords from keychain

3.       Switch off all devices.

4.       Reset your password (unfortunately a new one again) at https://maties2.sun.ac.za/rtad4/useradm/

5.       If you have successfully cleared all sources switch the devices back on one at a time.

                                                               i.      IOS (Apple/Iphone, Ipad) devices should ask you to change your password for mail, if not change under settings mail and the university exchange account.

                                                             ii.      Android won’t ask to change your password. Go to settings account and select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

                                                            iii.      On desktops you will be prompted for passwords when you use the service. If you select to save the password you will run into the same problem next time you change passwords.


If you're still having problems, contact 0218084367/9289, ithub@sun.ac.za or Twitter: @ITstellenuni