Internet access connects individual computer terminals, computers, mobile devices, and computer networks to the Internet, enabling users to access Internet services (for example, email and the World Wide Web).

request-service.jpg ​​​  APPLY FOR THIS SERVICE

To register for internet access you need a [usernames|username and password]]. If you already have a username and want to register for internet usage, send an e-mail to help@sun.ac.za with the subject "Internet Access". Please supply the following information in your e-mail:

US number
Costpoint for the internet account
E-mail address of the person responsible for the costpoint

PAYGO is an option if a departmental cost centre is not responsible for paying internet access. Send an email to help@sun.ac.za to request it. To use the PAYGO option, cash has to be paid in advance at the cashiers in Administration building A.

Use of groupnames are discouraged and will only be considered in exceptional cases. 

request-service.jpg   FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES 

Internet access is a crucial component of research.


request-service.jpg   OTHER ADD-ONS

No add-ons

request-service.jpg   ​​​SERVICE AND SUPPORT

Service Hours

08H00 - 12H45 and 13H45 - 16H30
One service desk agent on duty during lunch times from 12h45-13h45

Service Support

Help, advice or enquiries with this service can be obtained via 021 808 4367 or send an email to help@sun.ac.za

Service Targets

Ensuring continuous internet access for maximum functionality for business during production hours.  

Delivery Scope

Main Campus, Stellenbosch
Tygerberg Campus​

request-service.jpg ​​​​  COST

Traffic to and from your computer is logged through Inetkey and calculated according to a specific tariff structure. Each internet user receive a weekly email with a statement of the previous week's internet usage. A summary of your internet account can also be viewed here.

Costs are levied each month from the departmental cost point as specified at registration. If the cost point changes, please send an email to telecoms@sun.ac.za with the US number, username, current cost point, new costpoint and administrative contact person (Only email enquiries will be attended to.) 

If you have a query regarding the usage on your internet account, send a complaint within 14 days to helpinfo@sun.ac.za. The cost of an enquiry is R200.00 per enquiry. If an error is found, the administrative fee will not be levied. 

General IT Service costs​