Eduroam allows students and staff from participating institutions to obtain internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions. It is an international roaming internet access service.


request-service.jpg ​​​  APPLY FOR THIS SERVICE​

Eduroam is available across campus on all wireless access points. If the eduroam Wi-Fi network is not visible, contact the IT helpdesk at 4367 and report the problem.​ 


  • Log on with the username you use at your home institution (username@domain...​) 
  • When US staff roam at UCT (for example), use your (for Stellenbosch staff) or (for Tygerberg staff)
  • No Inetkey access is needed.
  • Visitors will see eduroam as a wireless option on their device. 

request-service.jpg   FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES 

Standard features of this service are:

·     Visitors log in with their home institution’s credentials.
Allows access to basic internet services.
The service can accommodate 20 users per wireless access point.
Take note that eduroam is only available for visitors. SUN staff can not use eduroam on STB, Tyg or USB campusses, but will be able to roam at UCT for example. ​

request-service.jpg   OTHER ADD-ONS

No add-ons

request-service.jpg   ​​​SERVICE AND SUPPORT

Service hours

·     The eduroam service will run 24/7, except when upgrades and maintenance are scheduled.

·     The service is dependent on other services, such as the network. 

Support hours

·     Our technicians are available for support during office hours. 

Service Level targets and constraints

We will do our best to:

·     Restore service within 2 hours for a Severity 1 outage, within 24 hours for Severity 2 outage, and within 48 hours for a Severity 3 outage.​

request-service.jpg ​​​​  COST

Eduroam is free for all visiting students, staff and researchers if their institution participates in eduroam.

General IT Service costs​

request-service.jpg  SELF HELP & FAQ'S​


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