How to put e-mail links on SU web pages

NB! This procedure applies solely to registered pagemasters of University web pages.

Information Technology has implemented the blocking of junk e-mail (more well-known as "SPAM"). There are however numerous web pages on which the email addresses are displayed in such a manner that it can be easily forged.

Email addresses displayed on web pages then becomes the target of SPAM and our servers are bombarded with these unwanted emails. Some of the SPAM escapes the filters and are still delivered, it is irritating and time-wasting to the receivers.

All email Addresses on web pages should therefore be coded as follows:

Add the following line of code to the <HEAD></HEAD> section of all the Web pages you edit on Stellenbosch University Web servers:

  • <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC=""></SCRIPT>

When referring to an e-mail address on a Web page in the
<BODY></BODY> section, code it as follows:

  • Where you would usually have:
    <A HREF=""></A>
  • Please use the JavaScript function 'Epos':
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">document.write(EPos('emanresu', 'Mail me',''))></SCRIPT>
  • E.g. if the email address is, the HTML code must be:
    • <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">document.write(EPos('teirgam','Magriet Treurnicht',''))</SCRIPT>
    • (Username of person written in reverse: Magriet becomes teirgam).

  • The following is then displayed on the webpage:
    • Magriet Treurnicht
    • and in the taskbar only Magriet Treurnicht is displayed in stead of:

Please test all email links on the page and make sure that mailto: does not appear in the taskbar when the mouse moves over the email link on the page.

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