Safecom is a centralised management system with accounting capabilities for its printing and copying environments to lower paper usage and reduce costs.​

request-service.jpg ​​​  APPLY FOR THIS SERVICE

To apply for this service an email can be send to  You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire to determine the specification of the printer in need.  It we cannot supply a Safecom enabled print you will receive a quotation for a suitable printer to buy.

request-service.jpg   FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES 

The print services on campus can be divided into categories: 

Pull Printing

When a print job is send via a pull print queue the print job will only print after your access card is swiped over a reader installed in a printer, thus meaning greater security.

 To give the users a controlled environment where they can print, copy, scan and scan to email with the aid of printing credits.

Print jobs can be collected campus wide on any available Safecom enabled printer.

CPS gives the user the choice of collecting the print job within a period of three days.

Print jobs are secure, as the no print jobs will be printed out unless the user that sent the print job swipes their card at the Safecom enabled printer and collects the print job.

Unwanted print jobs can be deleted on the printer before printing.

Printing on both sides of the paper and grayscale are set as default.

RGA’s and departments where the printers are placed will be reimbursed for paper usage. 

Push printing 

When a print job is send via a push print queue the print job will immediately print to the designated printer. No access card is required

request-service.jpg   OTHER ADD-ONS

Optional features of this service are:

The options of Mobile printing and billing codes are in production​.

request-service.jpg   ​​​SERVICE AND SUPPORT

Service hours

Help with resolving problems and issues with this service can be obtained via the IT Service Desk (021 808 4367) or

The service is dependent on other services, such as the network. The print management service will run 24/7, except when upgrades and maintenance are scheduled.

Support hours 

Our technicians are available for support during office hours.

Service level targets and constraints 

We will do our best to help you as fast as possible.

request-service.jpg ​​​​  COST

​The latest costs per page can be found on our service catalogue page.​​​​

General IT Service costs​

request-service.jpg  SELF HELP & FAQ'S​ 

How do I add a push print queue to my laptop/desktop?
How to request print credits?

How to manage Safecom print jobs via web interface?

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