INETKEY offers the user a facility via which he/she will on a real-time and c​ontinuous basis be made aware of especially abnormally high Internet usage and the associated costs. It increases security as well as enables users to better manage Internet traffic and especially Internet cost.

Guidelines for the use of Inetkey

  1. Every time a user logs on via the INETKEY page (https://inetkey.sun.ac.za​​​​), a window will be displayed in which the user’s internet cost. 
  2. No preventative/protective suspension of access to the Internet will be effected before consultation with a specific user.
  3. INETKEY will be subject to continued changes and/or enhancements to existing functionality as the needs of users dictate.
  4. Each internet user receives a WEEKLY EMAIL STATEMENT of the preceding week's internet use. If you do not receive such a statement, the incorrect email address was provided at registration. To correct this, send an email to helpinfo@sun.ac.za.
  5. You can also look at a summary of your account at any time by going to My rekening.
  6. Direct any account enquiries to the IT Service Desk within 14 days after receipt of your electronic statement. An amount of R200.00 per enquiry is payable. If the account was incorrect, the R110.00 will not be charged and the account will be corrected.
  7. Costs will be recovered every month from the student account.
  8. Military Academy students must pay R160.00 to the Military Academy and send their receipt with their registration application to (Internet request ) before they can be registered for the internet. This applies to all MA students.
  9. Students enrolled at other institutions who qualify for the SU network (Academia and Meerhof students) must first pay the IT Student Help Centre cashier an amount of R1240.00 before they can be registered for the internet. This amount includes R200.00 for internet use. Such students may buy additional internet credit from the cashiers.


All enrolled students with an active IT user name and password have limited free access to the internetThe free web pages are set up in your proxy settings of Explorer. For Internet Explorer, this is as follows:  Tools/Internet Options/Connection/Lan Settings/Use Automatic Configuration script/http://www.sun.ac.za/sunproxy.pac. 

You also have free access to the IT FTP server at ftp://ftp.sun.ac.zaThis server contains a lot of material available elsewhere on the internet and is duplicated, free of charge, for users locally. It contains, for example, mirror images of different web sites or parts of web sites or other ftp servers and a wide variety of software or documentation. One of the well-known sites that is available here as a mirror site is TUCOWS.

You can use ftp.sun.ac.za:

  • by going to http://ftp.sun.ac.za or ftp://ftp.sun.ac.za with your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox); or
  • with an ftp client, such as WSFTP (Windows) or lftp (Linux).
Direct any requests to make additional information available on this mirror site to the ftp administrator. Such requests will be considered only if the licensing agreement or copyright of the program or web site permits duplication. 






Tariff A @ R0.02: Monday-Friday: 08h00-23h59
Tariff B @ R0.01 : Monday-Friday: 00h00-07h59, as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

The relevant tariff is determined by the day and time the download process was started.

All forms of traffic, including FTP and MP3s and traffic generated by Gnutella utility programs, such as Bearshare and e-Mule, are paid for. Be careful of keeping such programs open uncontrolled.


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