CUA web pages

You are assigned a specific CUA according to your faculty.

  • FHARGA: Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
  • FIRGA: Faculty of Engineering
  • GERGA: Faculty of Health Sciences
  • HUMARGA: Faculties of the Arts, Education, Law and Theology and blind and partially sighted students from all faculties
  • NARGA: Faculties of Science and Agrisciences


ITHUB Service Centre

NB! Direct any user name and password enquiries to the personnel of your CUA.‚Äč

General etiquette and rules

  • Keep your CUA clean.
  • Use the computers as if they were your own.
  • Close your Inetkey when you leave the station to prevent unwanted usage on your account.
  • If you need help, ask. In this way, you can avoid causing problems.
  • Limits on the storage of multimedia files: The limited availability of memory on the CUA servers necessitates SU to prohibit from the central CUA servers all music and video files (such as mp3, avi and mov files) not directly related to academic activities. CUA servers are set up to remove all mp3, avi and mov or similar files automatically from H: disks.