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Select the equipment you would like to purchase (see below) and send an e-mail to quote@sun.ac.za to confirm the pricing.

request-service.jpg   FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES

Standard laptops

Meets the demands of staff accessing multiple standard software
necessary for administration.

Dell Latitude 14 Quote reference 11867544
Dell Latitude 15 Quote reference 11871203


Mobile laptops

Meets the demand of the frequent traveller. 
Stylish, lightweight and very portable.

Dell Latitude E7240 Quote reference 11863328.2
Dell Latitude E7440 Quote reference 11870048

Carbon X1 (Select suitable option)
Yoga (Select suitable option) 

Advanced laptops

Meets the additional requirements of staff requiring a desktop replacement suitable for CAD, data analysis, number crunching, etc.  

Precision M3800 -Quote reference

W540 (Select suitable option)​

request-service.jpg OTHER ADD-ONS

Dell laptops are bundled with a -  

  • Backpack
  • Wireless mouse
  • Combination lock
  • 3 year warranty battery​​​ ​


request-service.jpg ​​​​  COST

Prices subject to change in accordance with R$ exchange rate.​

For detailed pricing, e-mail quote@sun.ac.za or refer to the appropriate quote reference.


request-service.jpg SELFSERVICE AND FAQ'S  

Dell 7240
i5 with 3G - quote reference 11863320.2
i7 - quote reference 11868872.2
i7 with 3G - quote reference 11868861.2
Dell 7440
i5 with 3G - quote reference 11870032
i7 - quote reference 11870069
i7 with 3G - quote reference 11870067

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Software Pricing, send email to software@sun.ac.za
For any other enquiries, send an e-mail to quote@sun.ac.za