​​Frequently asked questions :

​1. How many mac's am I able to register ?

The maximum amount of devices that each student is allowed to register is 5. Registration for gaming devices (PS3, X-box, etc.) is dependent on whether or not your MatiesWifi connection is stable; a browser also needs to be installed on the device in order to access Inetkey.

Note: Gaming devices can be registered for lan, problem though is you allowed one lan device per session on the network, the Inetkey webpage can be used with the snapin console.

2. How to set up email on new blackberry?
  • Domain: stb
  • Username: USnumber@sun.ac.za
  • Server name: outlook.office365.com
  • Tick box USE SSL
​3. I reformatted my pc, do I need to register my pc again ?

No You do not unless the motherboard was replaced or one of the networking components.
​4. I am unable to do windows updates on my computer after registration – can you fix that?

Our settings change the windows updates ‘settings’ to automatically update via the network; this overrides any settings which it was previously set to. It can be changed if you prefer to monitor windows updates by yourself
​5. What is required for windows password recovery?

Affidavit is required for all versions of windows. Windows 7 is a cat 1 payment. Windows 8 and up require a cat 3 payment.
​6. How do I install office 365 on my device if I am not registered on the network?

Go to your emails, click on 0ffice365 and then install office.

Note: Please uninstall any old office that is unlicensed and restart your machine before you start the above process, alternatively pop into the ITHUB and we will install it for you BUT you will still need to do the activation, the credentials that will be prompted for is : USnumber@sun.ac.za and university password.
​7. I can’t use eduroam on Stellenbosch campus but I can on a different campus, why is that the case?

Eduroam is only hosted on local campus for guests from external Varsities who are part of the program.
​8. How do I get the inetkey app on my pc?

Inetkey app can be downloaded from http://support.sun.ac.za/Inetkey/

​9. How to add a signature on your emails (specifically logos)?

On the navigation bar, choose Settings > Options. Under options choose Mail > Layout > Email signature. Under Email signature, to include your signature at the bottom of all outgoing items, select the 'Automatically include signature on messages I send' check box.

​10. Can I change my Password if I forgot to reset it?

Yes, all we need is you ID/Passport number, Student number and cellphone?